100 marathons in 6 months for water activist Mina Guli

This weekend in The Hague, the Netherlands, Mina Guli completed her 100th marathon in six months. The Australian is in the midst of her Run Blue campaign, launched from her homeland on March 22, 2022, World Day of the water.

100 marathons. 6 months. Australian activist Mina Guli has completed her 100th marathon, Sunday, in The Hague (The Netherlands). After kicking off her Run Blue campaign on March 22 in Australia, Mina Guli set herself an impressive and ambitious goal: to run 200 marathons in one year. Aware of the sporting feat that she is achieving, the Australian wants above all “raise awareness of the global water crisis” Y “invite the members of the United Nations to take initiatives to solve it. »

Outperformed by Turkey, Germany or even Tajikistan, Mina Guli confirmed her idea wherever she ran. “Throughout my journey, I have seen firsthand the devastation and impact of this crisis, she points. I crossed many dry lakes, towns with water problems. No time to lose! »

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The Australian activist and businesswoman – she is the CEO of Thirst, a non-profit organization working on water innovation – wanted to close the first part of her campaign in the Netherlands for a precise reason. “Running my 100th marathon here is significant because the Netherlands is co-hosting the UN water conference in 2023 and because it has long been a world leader on the subject.”, she said. Despite the difficulty, Mina Guli, “I wish the world community would unite around water” and become aware of the risks associated with the depletion of reserves and the drying up of groundwater.

His Run Blue campaign is scheduled to end on March 22, 2023 in New York, the opening day of the first UN water conference in nearly 50 years.

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