12 signs that indicate that you are mentally exhausted

With the health crisis due to Covid-19, the mental health of the French has deteriorated a lot. Some of you, for example, have felt, and still feel, great mental fatigue. This feeling of psychic exhaustion is also called nervous fatigue or psychic or psychic asthenia. There are several signs that will help you identify it.

Unlike the usual physical tiredness, mental fatigue It happens at any time of the day. It can happen even without you having done any physical or intellectual activity during the day, which is especially worrying. And for good reason, asthenia can reveal a mental or physical disorder. You have to be very attentive to the signs.

Most often, this form of asthenia is due to depressiona anxiety disordersa depressive phase of a bipolar disorder or eating disorders (particularly anorexia nervosa)“, indicates the Health Insurance. It is also the most frequent fatigue, according to the Health Insurance.

How to prevent nervous fatigue?

  • Take the time to breathe several times a day. To help you, discover how to practice cardiac coherence

  • Participate in physical activity. Yoga, running, and walking are three activities known to combat anxiety and reduce fatigue.

  • Learn to regulate your flow of thoughts.

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