20 years of A boy, a girl: Alexandra Lamy fired, the surprising reasons for her absence

one boy one girl It was a huge hit at the turn of the century. Indeed, between 1999 and 2003, Chouchou and Loulou, camped respectively by Alexandra Lamy and Jean Dujardin, made a star couple on France 2. The series even helped launch acting careers for both of them! 20 years later, the duo celebrate their anniversary. TF1 thus celebrates these two decades during a memorable evening for the faithful of the first hour. However, a small disappointment: Alexandra Lamy will not be. In an interview, she explains the reasons.

Questioned by our colleagues from puremediathe 50-year-old actress talks about her 20-year absence fromone boy one girl where the production promised sketches reviewed by other actors. by his side, Alexandra Lamy simply indicates that she was not invited to participate : “I learned it that way. I’m not going to participate but I think it’s great. When you’re part of a cult series, you’re not going to spit it out. It’s great to be able to say to yourself, ‘Yes, I did. Perhaps one day, Alexandra Lamy will be associated with the name of the cult series (laughs). It’s great to think that it’s still broadcast that young people continue to recognize me. That means I haven’t taken a big hit yet.“Happy to see the series back on screen, he remains cheerful despite his unwilling absence.

one boy one girl back on TF1, “it’s weird”

Another commented point: the retransmission of the prime on TF1 whileone boy one girl it initially aired on France 2 before being rebroadcast on the group’s channels M6 and NRJ12. A debatable choice, as emphasized by the mother of the beautiful Chloé Jouannet, born of the love of the star with the Swiss actor Thomas Jouannet and also an actress. “it is true that it is rare, she thinks. TF1 may have caught the thing quicker. Then I do not close the door to any station. If tomorrow Art, which I love, offers me to do something, I’ll be happy to go with them. I don’t belong to anyone.

Remember that if Alexandra Lamy will not be there, the presence of Jean Dujardin has not yet been mentioned. maybe the star ofHSO 117 she was not contacted either…

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