a bill to eliminate them supported by 40 million motorists

The low emission zones (ZFE) are strongly criticized by the association 40 million motorists, Le Parisien reveals. “It will be the 10th power of the yellow vests if Emmanuel Macron does not quickly become aware of the impact of this measure,” denounces the association. He believes that this measure is socially unfair and that “58% of French people will be prohibited from driving.” In 2021, the association already warned of the concern of users about the establishment of these zones in certain cities. To avoid the establishment of these low emission zones, 40 million motorists expressed their desire to increase political and legal resources. As a direct consequence, the association supports the bill of the deputy of the National Assembly, Anne-Sophie Frigout, who wishes to eliminate these low emission zones.

Low emission zones will be supported. of Crit’Air vignettes. These will be used to identify and classify vehicles according to their age. The 40 million motorists association fears that rural populations with old vehicles will be greatly affected by the implementation of these vignettes when they go to urban areas. In fact, some vehicles considered too polluting or too old will not be able to access the low emission zones. To counteract the introduction of these stickers, the administrative court was brought by one of the members of 40 (…)

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