A contender for Love is in the Meadow slams the door the day after he arrives!

For several weeks now, M6 has been broadcasting new episodes of Love is in the meadow. And the least we can say is that this season has big surprises in store for viewers.

Big surprises in Love is in the meadow

For this new season of Love is in the Meadow, fans had the joy of finding Thierry. After a very difficult period, he returned to the program to the delight of Karine Le Marchand.

In fact, the host of Love is in the meadow has every intention of helping the farmer find love. There is one who obviously does not need help. this is the candidate Alexander.

For reminder, the latter brought two suitors to her house . Laura and Annaig. Very quickly, she fell in love with one of her suitors. Alexandre quickly fell in love with Annaïg.

love is in preseason 16

For her part, Laura saw very quickly that there was chemistry between the two. In front of the M6 ​​cameras, she also indicated: What scares me is that he already made her decision in her head.

Before adding: There are phrases that can be questioned. but i absolutely want to ignore this to continue showing him who I am. On the other hand, Alexandre did not deny these statements.

I saw that he preferred Annaïg

After the first episode On the farm, the candidate for Love in the meadow made him some confidences. In an interview with Télé Loisirs, she explained: When she arrived at the farm, from the first hours, I saw that she preferred Annaïg.

The candidate for Love is in the meadow was also revealed: It’s like that, we can’t control it. I tried to stay neutral for both of us, but it was clear that I was looking at Annaïg more than Laura.

He also admitted: It is the feeling that spend It’s best like this, it can’t be explained. For her part, Laura has not decided to attend the budding love between Alexandre and his suitor Annaïg.

So he made a big decision. To everyone’s surprise, Laura decided to leave L’amour est dans le pré. In fact, she packed her bags and decided to return in his house.

Anyway, that’s what viewers of Love is in the meadow will be seen in the next episode. For his part, Salto has already advanced the new episode.

L-love is in the pre-credits

Laura quickly realized that she was no match for Annaïg. The latter really had an effect on Alexandre. Love at first sight cannot be explained. And the farmer couldn’t control her feelings.

Laura packs her bags

If Laura decided to drop prices so fast in love is in the meadowit’s for a good reason. During After a horse ride with Alexandre, she shed a few tears of happiness.

And for good reason, Laura admitted that she felt great. On the other hand, this explosion of emotion did not sit well with the farmer in Love Is in the Meadow. He seemed very upset and asked Laura to calm down.

Love is in the air

Behavior that has cooled Laura down. The latter did not expect to be scolded. Once at the farm, he began to cry. Seeing that Alexandre did not accept his sensitivity, he took a great decision.

The candidate for Love is in the meadow has decided to pack her bags. However, out of respect for Alexandre, she agreed to partake in one last soiree with her friends.

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