A downed radar turret in the middle of the city.

A downed radar turret in the middle of the city. A fact rare enough to be underlined. If he damage of fast cameras still frequent, although they have tended to decrease in recent months, the damage is usually related to isolated cabins located in the countryside.

However, this weekend, it was in the middle of the city that a turret radar was shot down, reports speed cameras, this Monday, September 26. According to the photo published by a user on Facebook, a speed control device was destroyed in the La Paillade district of Montpellier. According to information from our colleagues, it was a turret radar that had been installed on Avenue de l’Europe to replace an old fixed radar on October 28, 2021.

The hut had suffered paint attacks before, but this time it was knocked down. The police investigation will have to determine the exact circumstances of the incident, but apparently the cabin was destroyed by a ramming car, which tore the mast off its base. In addition, the traces of fire visible at the foot of the cabin leave little doubt about the criminal nature of the act.

It is not the first time that an automatic radar has been destroyed in a crowd, recalls Radars auto, citing in particular events in Saint-Étienne or Port-de-Bouc, in Bouches-du-Rhône, during yellow vest demonstrations.

In the city, the mast of the turret radars is not sealed in the concrete slab on which (…)

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