A mother ends up in a drunk tank and makes a shocking revelation to the police the next day.

It is a chilling story. On the night of Wednesday, September 21 to Thursday, September 22, a 30-year-old woman was detained by the police after damaging a vehicle. She is taken into police custody, she is put in a drunk tank, after being arrested under the influence of alcohol. But then, the day after her arrest, the woman suddenly remembers leaving her 14-month-old son home alone. The police then go urgently to the detainee’s home, accompanied by a team of doctors.

And in fact, They found a 14-month-old baby in his crib. Dehydrated and hypoglycemic, the boy was taken to the hospital. Fortunately, his days are no longer in danger. The baby will be entrusted to social services as soon as she leaves the health facility. On her mother’s side, she is already being prosecuted for degradation but also for abandoning a minor. A scary story that could have ended very badly. Unfortunately, this news echoes other totally sordid stories, such as the one that took place in Montreuil on August 14. A woman alerts the police explaining found a three-month-old baby in the back of a vehicle, alone. She immediately took the baby to the hospital. If the police went looking for the parents, the latter went alone to the police station the next day.

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