a school makes the mask compulsory again, the principal is harassed

Since September 19, the 800 students of the Mabillon private high school in Sedan (Ardennes) must once again wear the mask in the classrooms after the significant increase the number of positive cases for Covid-19between students and teachers. A decision that has provoked the anger of a conspiratorial network that opposes any form of health restriction, as reported by France 3September 22.

Faced with the resurgence of pollution in his department, Olivier Vallot, Middle and High School Principal Sedan’s Mabillon first wonders if he should just recommend the mascara. The director finally decides to make it mandatory as soon as the students return on Monday, September 19. “I really didn’t see why some would be masked and some wouldn’t. We had to stop the rate of increase in positives and protect everyone.”

Olivier Vallot could have contented himself with alerting the families and the teaching team. He decided to go further and make masks mandatory. “And I have every right to make this decision. The health protocol is the basic one, but it does not prohibit us from taking measures.” In fact, the protocol says “basis of measure” explains things as follows: “These measures are based on the prescriptions issued by the Ministry of Health and Prevention in particular in view of the opinions issued by the Superior Council of Public Health, as well as the legislative and regulatory provisions contained in (…)

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