Abortion rights concerns as far-right rises to power

Although negotiations have begun in Italy for the formation of the next government, the rise to power of the extreme right is a cause for concern, in particular regarding the right to abortion. In regions already run by ultra-conservative parties, notably Fratelli d’Italia (FdI) and La Ligue, access to abortion has already been limited.

The Marche region, in the east of the country, has been considered the laboratory of the FdI since its victory in the 2020 local elections. With Giorgia Meloni’s party taking power, few doctors agree to perform pregnancy terminations.

“_I called several people, by phone, they told me ‘call this doctor’, ‘he’s not there’, ‘we don’t have an appointment, later’_explains a woman found in family planning in Ascoli.

I called other cities in Pesaro, in Ancona. No one wanted to prescribe me an abortion pill. I watched the days go by and I despaired” she says.

This type of scenario is multiplied in this family planning, which pushes women to have to”change region, country, or practice illegal abortions, or even not abort“said a center manager.

We have too many stories like this.“she sighs.

In Umbria, a region conquered in 2019 by Matteo Salvini’s League, the situation is the same.

In Catholic universities, which are considered the best, there is no talk of abortion or contraception” denounces Marina Toschi, a gynecologist in Perugia.

And when we enter, we make you sign a document to become a conscientious objector.” She criticizes.

Beyond the question of abortion, the LGBT community also fears that their rights will be limited, in the name of Christian family values ​​defended by Giorgia Meloni.

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