Accused by the marabout in Pogba, two former RC Lens come out of silence!

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“This individual, my brother, has become adept at witchcraft in recent years, becoming a follower of a magician, known as Marabout Ibrahim, called Grande, a relative of former player Alou Diarra, who would have known him thanks to player Serge Aurier. ”.

Pointed out by the revelations on Twitter by Mathias Pogba, Alou Diarra and Serge Aurier responded to the accusations of the older brother of the France national team star. The two former RC Lens denied having played any marabout matchmaker role, one of the stories that serves as a pretext to cultivate the family psychodrama that tears the Pogba clan apart.

Alou Diarra prefers to laugh, Serge Aurier denies the use of a marabout

In L’Equipe, Franck Haise’s former assistant was very clear, preferring to laugh at Mathias Pogba’s “revelations”: “I don’t personally know Paul Pogba and his entourage. They are not of my generation. So I am very surprised that my name is mentioned by Pogba’s brother.”

A story that made Serge Aurier laugh much less: “I am a Muslim and I pray to God, not to the marabout. Family stories that border on madness, go talk directly to the Pogba family or whoever proclaims them,” said the former PSG defender.

Recall that the Mathias Pogba revelations were an automated Twitter post, which was triggered on Friday morning because the former attacker is now behind bars awaiting trial. Mathias Pogba has been charged with attempted extortion of funds from his brother.

Diarra and Aurier deny for the marabout

If their names were mentioned in the Paul Pogba marabout episode, Alou Diarra and Serge Aurier denied having anything to do with the individual mentioned by the World Champion’s older brother, Mathias. What would the version of Florentin Pogba’s twin wear?

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