After the sneakers, Lidl creates a new product and it’s not a joke

The Lidl sign signs a clever new publicity stunt by bouncing off an April 1 joke released by Auto Moto magazine. Starting in October, three Lidl cars will be up for grabs, and this time it’s no joke!

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Lidl’s new unconventional publicity stunt. the german brand had already caused a sensation in 2020 with its limited edition sneakers, his tap shoes and his socks. The yellow, blue and red pairs then sold like hot cakes, and this craze even led to massive resale on the Internet, with crazy margins exceeding one hundred euros for a product sold for less than €15 in stores. an unexpected success for the brand This time, Lidl sees a little bigger and debuts… a car!

Lidl has created three Mini Coopers in its colors.  Photo capture Twitter Lidl France
Lidl has created three Mini Coopers in its colors. Photo capture Twitter Lidl France

This time it will not be on the shelves, you do not have to come at dawn to wait to have it in your hands. These three Mini Coopers in Lidl colors will be up for grabs.

To do this, you have to download the Lidl Plus application, launched at the end of 2021 and each €30 slice of purchase corresponds to a participation in the game. A good marketing move by Lidl that hopes to attract new users to this application, second most downloaded after Vinted for the last seven days.

Day of the Innocents

But where does this idea come from? It actually comes from an April Fools’ Day prank. released by Auto Moto magazine on Twitter, which claimed that Lidl was launching its own low-cost SUV.

Well, it’s not an SUV, concedes CEO Michel Biero, ” but we decided to make this car! The competition begins on October 3.

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