against Toulon, Perpignan get their first victory

Victorious (19-13) from Toulon on Saturday at Aimé-Giral at the start of day four, USAP notched their first Top 14 success this season.

The game: 19-13

The weather conditions did not allow the takeoff of this meeting. In the rain, clumsiness, slips and approximations plagued the woefully inaccurate debates. powerless outside, Toulon They have thus suffered their sixteenth defeat in nineteen consecutive trips. On the contrary, the Catalans were very happy to finally get a win, on Saturday at Aimé-Giral, at the start of the fourth round of Championship.

By unblocking their against thanks to a try from their captain, winger and leader of the game Mathieu Acébès from the 18th minute in a magnificent first-hand action behind the scrum, the Perpignai men thus take a breath of fresh air and can now aspire to another thing. just the last place that seemed promised to them after three days.

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If USAP starter Tristan Tedder scored fourteen standing points (four goals and one conversion), he nevertheless missed two shots (46, 57) that could have allowed his team to take off for good. Instead, the Varois were never brought down, although their initiatives, clearly lacking in aggressiveness, were reduced to their simplest expression until 79 and the test of their winger Gaël Dréan.

Inaccurate in touch to the point of losing seven balls in their shots, penalized too much in the scrum, the Toulonnais, lagging behind at half-time (16-6), nevertheless managed to score a try at the end of the line in the second half on one of his few actions built. But too late, if only to hope to collect a defensive bonus, which happens right under their noses.


This is the first victory for the USAP this season, after four days.

The fact: Toulon is disappointed in the rain

On several occasions, the Varois were able to get close to the Catalan in-goal, but the incessant and heavy rain, the soft ground and the slippery ball defeated the efforts of Baptiste Serin, Mathieu Bastareaud and their teammates. Unable to keep the ball but also to stay supported in the ground game, the Toulonnais could not improve their plays before the last minute. They also conceded numerous penalties, which made the USAP striker happy.

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