Aminata Diallo would suffer a “double personality”

According to elements of the investigation reported by the “JDD”, Aminata Diallo, released under judicial control on Thursday, would suffer from a “dual personality”.

An article, published this Sunday in the JDDlets you know more about Aminata Diallo. Released this Thursday, under judicial control, In the context of Kheira Hamraoui’s attack, the midfielder could suffer from a split personality. Researchers from the Banditry Repression Brigade (BRB) of the Versalles PJ have discovered personality traits in the player “troubling to say the least” and also evoke a personality ” issue “.

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Aminata Diallo, portrait of a troubled personality

For them Diallo suffers “Obviously split personality.” the JDD It indicates that the investigating judge in charge of this case could order a psychological expert opinion on the French international, currently without a club since leaving PSG.

the Sunday newspaper He also explains that last May, when he was still playing for the Parisian club, Diallo was heard saying that “Since this matter, he [l’entraîneur Didier Ollé-Nicolle] No [l’avait] never played again » : “It was he who sent me to the France team, he showed me the message he sent to Corinne Deacon […] but after [Kheira Hamraoui] they brainwashed him, that’s his problem, tomorrow you’re going to die, go away. »

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New revelations about Aminata Diallo’s entourage

always according to JDDDiallo would have laughed then at the events suffered by Hamraoui: “She said assault victim, we don’t give a shit, what do we give a shit? […]. Is she dead? She didn’t get anything, her brother, she didn’t stay a day in the hospital, they missed her, they screwed her, she deserved it. »

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