Amnesty International France will support the Danes against the blues / International / Mondial 2022 /

After CantonAmnesty France’s turn to disassociate itself from Didier Deschamps’ gang.

Through an open letter released this Friday, the organization that fights for the defense of human rights “Something better was expected from the world champions” . While they had already contacted 3F last May to discuss and discuss with staff and players on the issue of human rights violations in Qatar, they have yet to get any response despite numerous reminders: “Would it be courtesy to your future host?” Not the slightest individual intervention in the media or collective lawsuit evoking the issue of human rights in this country. The deafening silence of his team in the face of the thousands of migrant workers who died on construction sites in Qatar and the thousands of others subjected to forced labor. »

Although teams qualified for this World Cup have already expressed themselves on the issue of human rights in Qatar, such as Germany, England, Holland and precisely Denmark, on Clairefontaine’s side, it is radio silence: “Dear Blues, on Sunday you will face the team from Denmark. But for us, the Danish team is the big favourite. In solidarity with migrant workers in Qatar, the sponsors of the Danish national team have decided to remove their logos from the players’ training shirts and replace them with a message in favor of respecting human rights in Qatar. A strong gesture of protest, supported by the Danish football federation. (…) Dear Blues, as you can see, your Danish colleagues are committed to the fight for human rights. On Sunday, and during the next games of your team, nothing prevents you from being it on your turn. »

Therefore, Amnesty International France will support Martin Braithwaite’s band this Sunday: “Dear Blues, we still think you are a great football team, and we hope you will go far in this competition, but you will understand that to defend the human rights violated in Qatar, we will support the Denmark team on Sunday. . »

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