Anaïs falls from very high… What will happen this week?

Monday September 26, episode 495 : At the pop-up restaurant, Anaïs makes a shocking discovery. In the kitchen, Louis makes Solal see all the colors. In search of the truth, Kelly makes a surprising request of Tony.

Tuesday, September 27, episode 496 : Anaïs and David are playing a dangerous game. At the Coffee Shop, Laetitia makes a radical decision. At school, Louis goes to the frying pan.

Wednesday September 28, episode 497 : A twist for Anaïs: she falls from above. In Double A, Theo draws the brigade’s wrath from him. For his part, Louis dots the “i” with Livio.

Thursday, September 29, episode 498 : Hot in front: Teyssier gives his verdict on Anaïs’s menu. Tired of Theo’s reproaches, Teyssier takes matters into his own hands. In the principal’s office, Billie, Samia and Vic make an unlikely discovery.

Friday, September 30, episode 499 : Not taking it anymore, Salomé decides to investigate David. At school, Enzo receives a mysterious invitation. The competition is in full swing between Ethan and Samia.

With Aurélie Pons (Salomé Dekens), Julie Sassoust (Anaïs Grimbert), Azize Diabaté (Enzo Lopez), Benjamin Baroche (Emmanuel Teyssier), Elsa Lunghini (Clotilde Armand), Catherine Marchal (Claire Guinot), Nicolas Anselmo (Eliott Prevost), Mikael Mittelstadt (Greg Delobel), Zoï Severin (Jasmine Kasmi), Frédéric Diefenthal (Antoine Myriel), Vanessa Demouy (Rose Latour), Terence Telle (Gaëtan Rivière), Agustin Galiana (Lisandro Inesta), Khaled Alouach (Théo Teyssier), Pola Petrenko (Charlène Teyssier), Fabian Wolfrom (Louis Guinot), Catherine Davydzenka (Hortense Rochemont), Marvin Pellegrino (Mehdi Mabsoute), Claire Romain (Ambre Martin), Axelle Dodier (Kelly Rigaut), Lucien Belvès (Lionnel Lanneau), Janis Abrikh (Joachim Guerraud), Benjamin Douba Paris (Solal Fayet), Tom Darmon (Tom Azem), Kathy Packianathan (Deva Syed), Thomas Da Costa (Axel Teyssier), Alexandra Vandernoot (Cardone), Rik Kleve (Ethan Cardone), Emma Boulanouar (Samia Naji), Margaux Aguilar (Billie Coudert), Liam Hellman (D. David Gautier)

It all starts here: from Monday to Friday, at 6:30 p.m. on TF1. The episodes are also available 48 hours in advance on the Salto platform.

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