And if you give yourself a little piece of A380?

Have you always dreamed of having an orange pilot suit, a bit like Bruce Willis in Armageddon ? A porthole and cabin seats to recreate the mythical scenes of Is there a pilot on the plane? Your dreams can come true by buying one of the 380 lots of the A380 on sale at auctions organized by Airbus on October 13, 14 and 15 in Toulouse and on the Internet.

Following the sale of parts from the Concorde, the European planemaker decided to part with several parts from its A380 MSN13, an aircraft that entered service in 2008 and could carry up to 489 passengers. It was deconstructed in 2021 by the Tarmac Aerosave company, which manages to recycle up to 90% of the device. And this auction should make it possible to give a second original life to these fuselage parts, the engine tail cone or even the cockpit side levers.

They are sold from toaster to toilet lid

If fans of the Airbus superjumbo, the production of which was stopped last year, rush to the aviation parts, lovers of original pieces will not be left out. Why not buy an extraordinary toaster, estimated between 400 and 600 euros? We found a cot, an emergency ax (which, we hope, never worked), or even a toilet seat, oddly shaped, in the lots. From the pen that could find a buyer for 50 euros to the bar in the business cabin, whose sale is estimated at between 20,000 and 30,000 euros, there is something for all pockets.

If the pieces are standard for the A380, some are unique as they have been painted by graffiti artists, such as these rest cars on which the artists Xerou and Sport have redesigned with epoxy sprays. The remains of raw material used to make the A380 have even been used to make skateboards, surfboards or longboards.

A few years ago, a coin sale concorde raised more than 3.2 million euros. The benefits of this will be managed by the Airbus Foundation and the AIRitage association, which work on humanitarian missions but also to safeguard aeronautical heritage.

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