Apple and the sale of NFTs: unlikely commissions for sellers?

the popularity of NFTs It fell to its lowest level in several months. In fact, some collections have seen their prices drop drastically, while others have all but disappeared, leaving Discord servers and Twitter pages dead. Therefore, some investors have seen their portfolios fall due to the fall in the value of the NFT collections but also due to the fall in the price of cryptocurrencies, such as the Cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) that last November was around 4,000 dollars and now it is around 1,300 dollars.

However, despite the drop in popularity and price, more and more platforms allow the sale of NFT collections such as apple company. However, this popular company offers the sale of NFTs with commissions that seem incredible. Let’s go through this together in detail in this blog post.

Apple and the sale of NFTs: How much are the commissions for sellers?

So the company now authorizes the sale of NFTs, but how much are the fees? 30% is Apple’s staggering commission figure for different NFT providers. In fact, 30% is the commission that had been established for purchases within the application. Therefore, NFT sellers will also have to suffer this high percentage for the sale of their collection. A price that does not adapt to the reality of the market.

This provoked, therefore, the reaction of a good number of Internet users, whose Epic Games CEO who claims “Apple is killing all the NFT companies it can’t tax, once again crushing new technology that could compete with its outrageously expensive in-app payment services. Apple must be stopped.”

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Also, everyone transactions must be made in dollarswhich has increased the dissatisfaction of Internet users but also of companies.

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