Apple prefers India to China to make its new iPhone

apple has “started assembling its new iPhone models in India”, sleepless techcrunch, who sees in it the sign of a “major change” of the manufacturing policy of the American giant.

For the first time, Apple’s latest iPhone model will be produced on Indian soil – and sold directly there – the US tech outlet says. This is Foxconn, Apple’s Taiwanese subcontractor, which manufactures the iPhone 14 at its factory in Sriperumbudur, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, presented to the press earlier this month.

Competitive advantages

With this announcement, the American giant takes a big step towards “India, a global iPhone manufacturing hub” and let it shrink “its dependence on China, where the vast majority of its devices have been produced for more than ten years”. Apple has already been assembling phones in India since 2017, but so far only for “their previous generation models”.

JP Morgan analysts estimate that by 2025, a quarter of iPhones will be made in India, a country with “abundant labor resources and competitive labor costs”.


“Apple’s focus on manufacturing in India underscores the tech giant’s desire to diversify production outside of China and strengthen its Indian market.”, analyze CNBC. Beijing’s strict containment policy has weakened production at factories in the affected regions and “highlighted weaknesses in Apple’s supply chain”, details the American economic environment.

Apple tries “to avoid disruptions to supply chains, as tensions rise between China and the United States over Taiwan And trade”, confirm the BBC.

This announcement is also “a success for the Prime Minister’s government Narendra Modi and its politics “Made in India”, launched eight years ago to “develop manufacturing and exports” Indians, recalls the British public media.

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