AscendEX Earn, the DeFi bomb ready to blow up your profits

Who wants to win millions? – AscendEX is now one of the centralized exchanges that needs no introduction. In rapid and steady progress since its inception in 2018, the platform has placed itself at the forefront of industry players by turning all the innovations in this bubbling ecosystem to the benefit of its customers. The bear market could have slowed the tremendous expansion. However, true to its principles of reaction and resilience, the team preferred to see this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So, she gives us today an incredible investment opportunity. And it is Shane Molidor, the CEO himself, who opens the doors for us. Follow the guide!

This tutorial is presented in association with AscendEX.

Earn AscendEX, the boss himself gives you a nice gift

In a difficult macroeconomic context, investors looking for a buoy to cling to are legion. Yesterday’s bargains have sometimes taken a beating, and the expected capital gain is postponed to an unknown date, many people are still looking for a way to fight against the strong current of the market downturn.

It is in this context that AscendEX CEO Shane Molidor’s announcement had the effect of a bombshell last week. You probably didn’t miss it, but we’re sharing it here as it will serve as a starting point for this tutorial that might well allow you to spend the winter earning some tokens:

AscendEX Earn, up to 100% return per year, seriously?

Of course, this figure should not be applied indiscriminately. Although it is true that some offers in Win AscendEX They even offer to go much higher, the reality is that things are decided on a case by case basis. Thus, at the time of writing this article, if it is true that the average return is about 50% per year, the expected APRs are as follows:

Ascendex Earn DeFi Yields Are Delicious
Returns in various cryptocurrencies
Ascendex Earn DeFi Returns Tempting and Tokens Abound
AscendEX Earn supports more than 100 tokens

The illustration is a non-exhaustive selection of tokens, for somen known In fact, the offer covers more than a hundred cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereal and many stablecoins. Obviously, the highest returns are offered in the cryptocurrencies that present the highest risk, that is, the youngest projects. But we can emphasize here that if the AscendEX Earn teams have seen fit to integrate them into the protocol alongside the larger ones, it is because they have gone through the selection stages imposed on any crypto wishing to join such a program.

In this tutorial, we will quickly and easily set up a strategy that will generate regular returns on Ethereum. A choice guided by the news “The Merge” and the fact that the ETH community is one of the largest to date. Far from requiring trading or coding skills, you will find that the AscendEX Earn tool is very easy to learn while staying extremely efficient in terms of passive income. Let’s start our journey to passive income without further ado.

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Installation, registration and obtaining tokens to delegate

As portability is also the strong point of this evolution, we will take the case of a account opening in the mobile application. Of course, the approach is similar and the returns are the same if you prefer to use the desktop version. Go to the Android or Apple portal, download the app, and then fill in the account opening information:

Fill in the information needed to open an Ascendex Earn account
AscendEX Earnings Record Page

Don’t forget to enter the invitation code B81883868 in the invitation code box to receive a 10% discount on the transaction fee. Once your account is created, you arrive at your home page, it’s time to get down to business. You need to get ethereums. To do this, you can buy them with a credit card, for example, or deposit them from another purse.

The first page gives an overview of your cryptos and allows access to the buy or deposit pages.
The home page summarizes your holdings

Implementation of yield agriculture

Once your ethereums are in your pocket, you can start staking them by pressing the “Win” button framed above. This takes you to the following pages:

For the example, we have chosen to generate a DeFi yield on Ethereum

Once you have reached the home page of the “Earn” protocol, you will need to scroll up to find the dropdown menu that summarizes all the currencies listed. Choose Ethereum.

Check that everything is in line with your expectations and then click on Earn Now to start earning passive income with your cryptocurrencies
If the conditions suit you, click

Here you are on the page that summarizes the performance conditions. From there, no mystery, if the conditions that appear on the screen suit you, You just have to click on “Win ​​Now” and voila.

To enjoy maximum returns from DeFi, consider completing KYC on your Ascendex account
Congratulations, you have launched the protocol.

However, be careful, because it is possible that this message will appear in the confirmation. This is an invitation from the platform for you to comply with legislation that requires you to declare your real identity in order to fully benefit from DeFi returns. So yesit is possible to make your cryptos work thanks to a simple email addressthe full potential will only be achieved if you complete the KYC formality.

Many DeFi opportunities just a click away

The little example above is just a non-exhaustive part of the opportunities that AscendEX Earn offers. Indeed, the great DeFi classics are present so that the application is a compendium of the best in performance. So if you want to vary the pleasures, the list of various accessible protocols is pretty well stocked. We find there in the mess (and in English):

  • Yield farming – benefits from a combination of yields generated by various protocols
  • Stakeout: You delegate your tokens to enable network security
  • Liquidity mining : You provide liquidity to exchange protocols
  • Vault Strategies: Deposit your funds in vaults that optimize your returns
  • Centralized loan: You lend your funds to a borrower individual or institutional
  • Promotional Project Earning – Lock your funds into promising projects
  • Ascendex Earn – Lock your funds into projects and earn rewards from AscendEX

Each of these protocols generates significant returns, but its effectiveness varies over time. Therefore, it can be interesting to place several tokens in several protocols to optimize profits. Also, you can change your pitch as you wish since, with a few rare exceptions, your cryptos are not locked.

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If you are still hesitating, know that AscendEX has provided you with a very nice little simulator.

The simulator allows you to test different options to see what DeFi returns you can get

Again, as our account is unverified, the rates shown are far from the returns that will be available to you if you meet KYC expectations. There would still be plenty of points to discuss, such as the “Fast Trade Widget” that allows you to buy, sell and convert crypto with 0% fees, or the ability to use staked tokens as collateral for your trade on margins. , but each of these aspects could be the subject of a full article.


The CEO himself tells you that AscendEX today offers you a real machine to generate cryptos. In fact, although the downtrend could well extend over time, Win AscendEX it comes as an effective counter to the erosion of your crypto wallet and why not your fiat capital, in the form of stablecoins. It’s up to you to try the thing, you don’t commit to anything. On the other hand, it might as well pay you a lot.

Do you want juicy returns despite the bear market? Listen the call from CEO Shane Molidor, and Go sign up on the AscendEX platform. You will be able to take advantage of the Earn program with multiple DeFi protocols accessible with a single click (trade link).

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