At 38, Jérémy Morel hangs up his crampons / France / Lorient /

589 games later, the Malagasy retires.

An announcement made by Jérémy Morel himself in an interview with the newspaper The team. first explain “to be happy to have been able to do this job that at first was a hobby” . Without a club since last July and his departure from Lorient, his training club, the 38-year-old defender reviews his last season full of difficulties: “I was constantly hurting myself, farting, coming back and repeating myself. Without the consecration at the end, that is to say being on the ground. I’ve always liked to hurt myself, but this was getting complicated. I also tell myself that at 38 years old I had the chance to play the last three games and achieve the objective of maintaining. »

When the former Marseillais looks in the rearview mirror, he is filled with pride: “In hindsight, if I had been told I would be following this race, I wouldn’t have believed it for a second. » Still, there is a feeling of bitterness: “Not because I left Lorient, but because no one had the courage to tell me that I would not renew. However, it was as simple as a phone call. »

After having evolved for more than twenty years under the orders of great coaches such as Christian Gourcuff, Marcelo Bielsa or Didier Deschamps who “everything gave him something in the way of approaching football, tactics, management” Jérémy Morel will not be away from the pitch for long, as he explains: “I’m going to graduate. I told myself that I would like to try it, that maybe it would be my turn to broadcast now. »

International with Madagascar thirteen times, André-Pierre Gignac’s former teammate will have even lived the first African Cup of Nations in the history of his father’s country.

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