Audience: Les Bleus lead the dance on M6, disappointment for “Touchées” on TF1, TMC in the lead with cinema

On Thursday afternoon*, football led the dance in the first part of the evening. The M6 ​​broadcast of the France/Austria Nations League match attracted 5.20 million followers, for an audience share of 24.2% (23.8% in FRDA-50) according to Médiamétrie. Didier Deschamps’ men’s previous match broadcast on the channel on March 25 attracted 4.94 million followers (26.3% 4+ and 25.3% FRDA-50).

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France 3 broadcast unit stronger than TF1 unpublished

France 3 lags behind with the rebroadcast unit “A Forgotten Lie”, starring Sara Martins and Antoine Duléry, which could count on 2.88 million followers of the thriller. The market share is 13.7%. Last Thursday, the finale of the French miniseries “Out of season” gathered on average only 1.59 million fans (8.4% 4+ and 1.2% FRDA-50).

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TF1 continues with the new fiction “Touchées”, directed by Alexandra Lamy with Mélanie Doutey, Claudia Tagbo, Chloé Jouannet and Andréa Bescond. An offer that convinced an average of 2.70 million viewers, 14.0% of the public and 19.1% of women responsible for purchases under 50 years of age (FRDA-50). Last week, the miniseries finale “Aim for the Heart” was watched by 2.88 million people (16.5% of the public and 18.8% of the FRDA-50).

On France 2, a new issue of the magazine “Envoyé Spécial”, presented by Elise Lucet, aroused the interest of 1.34 million French people, that is, a market share of 6.7% of the public as a whole (7 .8% in FRDA-50). On September 1, this informative event was attended by 1.89 million fans (9.7% of the public and 8.1% of the FRDA-50).

“What the hell have we done again?” attracts on TMC

Among the other channels, on TMC, the retransmission of the French comedy “What have we done to the good god again?” entertained 1.30 million viewers (7.1% 4+ and 10.4% FRDA-50). In Arte, the first three episodes of the “Black Butterflies” miniseries with Niels Arestrup and Nicolas Duvauchelle attracted an average of 750,000 people (4.5% of 4+).

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As expected, the Blues’ last game broadcast on M6 – the following games will be broadcast exclusively on TF1 – flew over the competition. For TF1, the gamble to air a new unit on Thursday night instead of a miniseries ended in a small score. This social fiction was hit by a short head in the general public for the retransmission of a thriller on France 3. In Art, the “Black Butterflies” miniseries got off to a good start with a first episode followed in particular by 940,000 onlookers. people (4.3% of 4+). As a reminder, this novelty is already a success on the platform with a total of 1.5 million views for the six episodes available since the beginning of the month.

On the DTT side, despite the crisis with Canal+ that deprived it of some of its viewers, the TMC channel achieved a very good score with the re-broadcasting of “What have we done to the good god?”, close to the of the magazine “Special Envoy” on France 2.

* The audience of the channels of the TF1 group has been impacted since Friday, September 2, 2022 after Canal+ cut the signal of its channels in its offers and in the TNT Sat service.

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