Audiences: What evaluation of the series “Marianne” with Marilou Berry on France 2?

A heroine who already has her fans. France 2 aired on September 7 a new judicial series called “Marianne” and hosted by Marilou Berry. A mix of suspense and comedy. The actress plays the role of Marianne Vauban, an investigating judge characterized by her outspokenness and her unorthodox methods, loosely inspired by the Belgian judge Anne Gruwez. The latter was honored in 2017 in the documentary “Neither judge nor submit”, produced by the creators of the show “Strip-Tease”.

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Audience: The end of "Marianne"  up in France 2, C8 stronger than France 3


Audiences: “Marianne” ending rising on France 2, C8 stronger than France 3

“The tone is both realistic through the nature of the situations encountered, but also solar and irreverent through the quirky personality of our heroine.“, the producers explained in their note of intentions at the time of the filming that took place at the beginning of the year in the south of France. Throughout these six episodes, the viewers were immersed in the universe of country dance, they met a medium specialized in animal communication and a witness to the solving of the crime of a Bella Bartok fan truck driver, Judge Vauban was accompanied by her faithful scribe Yves (Stéphane Pezerat) and by Captain Raphaël Pastor (Alexander Steiger).

“Good Doctor” was no match for “Marianne”

During its three weeks of broadcast, “Marianne” has prevailed at the top of the ratings, taking advantage in particular of the weakness with the overall audience of the American series “Good Doctor” on TF1. As a reminder, the channel has been deprived of part of its audience since the beginning of September due to the conflict between it and the Canal+ group. On average and in audience, the new series France 2 was able to count on 3.14 million viewers, i.e. a market share of 15.9% according to mediametry.

A good result for the channel that has not yet confirmed a season 2. As an indication, in 2021, season 1 of another legal series, “The Code”, had been followed by an average of 2.99 million onlookers, which meant a market share of 14.2%.

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