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For several days now, numerous demonstrations have broken out across Iran. It all started ten days ago with Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman who died in detention for a misused veil. According to the latest official Iranian report, 41 people were killed in nine days of protests. But according to Iran Human Rights, the figures would be even higher, and no less than 54 people would have lost their lives. Sardar Azmoun, one of the best players of the Iranian national team -who will be in the World Cup in Group B along with England, Wales and the United States- could not be on the trip to Qatar due to his position in favor of the #IranProtests2022 protest movement.

The Iranian soccer player, who currently plays in the Bundesliga at Leverkusen, went against the rules of his Federation and expressed his anger in an Instagram story: ” The [punition] The ultimate goal is to be kicked out of the national team, which is a small price to pay for even a single lock of hair from an Iranian woman. It will never be erased from our consciousness. I’m not afraid of being expelled. Shame on you for killing people so easily and long live the women of Iran. » “If they are Muslims, may God make me unfaithful” also wrote.
Sardar Azmoun, whose Instagram account has since been emptied, is not the only national team player taking a stand for the freedom of Iranian women. Several of his classmates showed their support for the cause on social networks, in particular by changing their profile picture or posting the message. “Our daughters’ hair is covered with a shroud” . We find in these players certain pillars of the national team, such as Mehdi Taremi, Vahid Amiri or Karim Ansarifard.

A very strong position, two months before the World Cup.

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