Bad news for the Euro 2024 qualifiers

The defeat of the French team in Denmark (2-0) on Sunday in the Nations League final will mark the qualification for the next Euro 2024 since the Blues will not be seeded in the draw.

A miniscule slimming ran through the evening of the France team on Sunday. Despite the defeat in Denmark (2-0), the Blues remained in League A of the League of Nations, taking advantage of Croatia’s victory in Austria (1-3). And this is the only good news of the night for Didier Deschamps’ men, sidelined for their last match before the World Cup. And that’s not all: this result will also impact the qualifying draw for Euro 2024 in Germany. This will take place on Sunday, October 9 in Frankfurt and will be based on the final classification of the teams in the group stage of the League of Nations.

France already out of the Top 10

Residents of League A will be ranked from 1 to 16, based on their number of points, with seeded status for the top ten. However, the Blues are already assured of not appearing in this Top 10. Even before the last matches of the other groups scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, France currently only have 12th total points. Therefore, it will be in hat 2.

Pot 1 will consist of the four qualified for the Final Four (the first four of each group) and the next six teams with the highest number of points.

Netherlands (16 points), Croatia (13), Denmark (12), Portugal (10, one game less), Belgium (10), Hungary (10, one game less), Spain (8, one game less), Italy ( 8, one game less), Poland (7), Switzerland (6, one game less) and Germany (6, one game less) thus have more points than the Blues and will be potential rivals even if the final list is known on Tuesday morning. night (the Czech Republic can still break into the Top 10).

A total of 53 teams will be divided into ten groups during their qualifications: seven of five teams and three of six teams. The winner and runner-up from each group will qualify for Euro 2024 while the last three tickets will be awarded in the March 2024 play-offs (Germany qualify directly).

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