Barentin and Mont-Saint-Aignan in slow motion: mass strike at Carrefour

The national strike slogan at Carrefour was widely followed on Saturday, September 24, in Mont-Saint-Aignan and Barentin. Employees demand better working conditions and wages.

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The long rows of carts lying on the ground announce the color. the car park Carrefour Mont-Saint-Aignan Saturday September 24 is scarce. The catering department is closed, others are running at low speed, and only a handful of checkouts are open.

The workers on strike at 70% on Saturday, September 24, 2022 followed the national strike slogan, brought to this hypermarket by the FO and CFDT unions. In a group, dressed in very striking orange suits, they parade in the middle of the shelves in front of a somewhat incredulous and quite scarce clientele.

According to Mathieu Maillard, bakery employee and CFDT staff representative “Working conditions have drastically deteriorated. Retirements are not replaced. We have a lot of fixed-term contracts at the end of our contracts, we also have 50-60 casualties.” in a staff of approximately 450 people.

Old hardware, challenged versatility

Another source of dissatisfaction is the fact that “management no longer invests in new equipment, for example we are forced to work with old electric pallet pullers, and when we have a ton to pull, it is not habitable”adds the union representative.

For three years in pastry, young employee would like to receive more than her improved minimum wage “Because we are being asked to be more and more versatile and I clearly see that there are less and less fresh products on the shelves and more and more frozen products. » In perfumery, one of her colleagues complains that “we went from 6 to 2”.

The strikers denounce the TOP project with one voice. “It’s Taylorism, this versatility, everyone turns, but it doesn’t improve the quality of the spokes and the work. For TOP to work, it would have to be fully staffed. »

Contrary to what we wrote at the end of the morning, the Barentin store did not have to close, so it is open on Saturday, September 24, 2022, even if the strike organized on the site by the CGT union is well followed. In Tourville-la-Rivière, the hypermarket switched to another franchise management modality is not affected by the move.

The management, in a press release, announces negotiations on salaries and bonuses, with a proposal for a 2.5% salary increase on November 1, 2022. Depending on the confrontation that is coming, the strike could have consequences.

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