Bayona wins in character against UBB (20-15)

However, it took ten minutes for all these little people, Bayonnais and Bordeaux, to break the shots after a missed penalty by Germain, a missed drop by López, a direct shot by Buros… On the second try, Germain opened the scoring . goalscorer (3-0, 10me). Brief advantage because, in the first real acceleration of the UBB, and the only one of this first half, Buros is put to the test, well displaced by his band and after a pass from Jalibert (3-7, 15me).

rain and boredom

The rest is a bit like the rain that started to fall: boring. Composed of missed touches by Bayona (3 at 20 minutes), fouls in the scrum and wasted opportunities such as the one by the locals 5 meters from the line (27me) finally annihilated by the Bordeaux after a penalty recovered in the scrum. Wanting to finally put the gear forward, they catch up just before the break, and while Tameifuna took a caution (39th), with a ball carried from 10 meters he finished his run in Bosch’s arms and behind the line (13-7).

The momentum continued to return from the locker room with a new wonder of López’s diagonal pass to Marchois in the full-back position who receives and scores from the corner: 20-7 for Bayonne and especially 14-0 in numerical inferiority for the Bordeaux . Perhaps because they didn’t have fun in the first half either, the players from both teams accelerated the game and found spaces, this time Cros took advantage of it in the end to put the Bordeaux team back in the game (20-12, 57).me). But like an illusion, the pace drops, the keys continue to be lost on the Bayonne side (5 to 59me) and based on individual feats like Cros, who pierces defense and only recovers afterwards. He continues with Jalibert again for Buros but the try is denied, Cros drops the ball to the ground.

Final Victory Push

The battle of the rucks is raging and it is difficult to get close to the opposite line as in this touch by Bordeaux in the 22 bayonnais meters after which a penalty is awarded immediately in favor of Bayonne (68me). History of not having come in vain, the public made his voice heard again 10 minutes from the end but he turned the ball over to Mikautadze after a good sequence by Bayona 10 meters from the line.

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