Bayonne offers Bordeaux-Bègles, Montpellier takes the offensive bonus against Pau

Bayonne – Bordeaux-Bègles: 20-15

After Racing 92 a fortnight ago (31-25), Aviron Bayonnais offered another prestigious victory against Bordeaux-Bègles (20-15) at home. After a fairly balanced first half, the match went crazy just before the break. After a high tackle, Bordeaux prop Ben Tameifuna received a yellow card. In the touch of penalty, the Bayonne team beat their Girondist counterpart to conclude with Ceyte (13-7, 40th).

In numerical superiority, Aviron Bayonnais continued at the same pace from the start of the second half. After a magnificent game at the feet of Camille López, captain Denis Marchois shot down from a corner (20-7, 44th). At fourteen for ten minutes, the UBB picked up a scathing 14-0. The entrance to the Bordeaux bench, with a fivefold change, allowed the visitors to recover their colors. Geoffrey Cros logically reduced the score after a school action after a penalty (20-12, 56th). Despite several match points for Bordeaux-Bègles, Bayonne held on until the end to claim their second win of the season at home.

Montpellier-Pau: 43-17

Despite a renewed starting XV, the MHR played at home against the inoffensive and undisciplined Pau (two yellow cards) on Saturday afternoon at the GGL Stadium. 43-17, 6 attempts to 2, the outgoing champion lost his way. He led 24-10 at the break after tries from Coly (16th), Ngandebe (22nd) and Fousans (40th).

The MHR lowered the record in the locker room lap of Dakuwaka (56th), Rattez (66th) and Ngandebe (80th) while the visitors saved the honor of Joseph (78th). Thanks to this improved success, Montpellier is temporarily in the lead pending the matches in Toulouse and La Rochelle.

Lyon – French Stadium: 33-27

At the beginning, the Parisians did not touch the ball, suffocated by the aerial game of Lyonnais that found the foul from minute 1 of Niniashvili. Then it was Smith’s turn, served by Taofifenua, to record his first attempt in the Top 14 after juggling over the heads of Paris. Taking advantage of Lyon’s indiscipline (yellow card to Dumortier for accumulating fouls, 32nd), the Stade Français nonetheless returned to this game thanks to Barré’s penalty goals and a try from Hall (23-13 at half-time).

Stade Français were more aggressive, they held the ball well, which prevented Lyon from setting the pace in a very choppy game. The more time passed, the more tense the Lyonnais became, and the Parisians nibbled at their delay. Until the question of Niniashvili that flattens after a penalty quickly played with the hand by Couilloud. The Stade Français scored a second try but Barré failed the conversion: Paris left Gerland without a defensive plus (33-27).

Castres-Brive: 12-6

Success for Castres without relief at Pierre-Fabre, Saturday. Under the rain of the second half, the two teams put together the scoreboard with their feet. That of defender Julien Dumora on the Tarn side (4 penalty goals) and the Hervé-Raffy duo (2 goals), on the Corrèze side. Ahead of the break (9-3), the Castres, more disciplined than their rivals, continued to manage this game, without brilliance.

Dominating in the hour of play after the substitution of their scrum-half for Santiago Arata, the CO put pressure on Brive with close percussion but failed to improve their plays. In the last minute, Brive’s starter replacing Tom Raffy missed the penalty goal at the posts, which would have allowed his team to leave Pierre-Fabre with a deserved defensive plus.

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