be careful with the direct debit if you have not paid enough

A salary increase is certainly good news, but it can lead, a few months later, to a very bad surprise. Many taxpayers will soon find out about this at their expense, very precisely on Monday, September 26, the date of the seizure by the tax authorities of the balance ofincome tax for the year 2021. Precisely on this date the tax administration will make a first puncture in the bank account of some 10.7 million tax households with an outstanding balance.

As a reminder, each month a tax withholding is made on your income based on the data known to the tax authorities. Given that your income statement is made in the spring of the year following the collection of this same income -in May/June 2022 for your 2021 income-, the information regarding these direct debits may be out of date. This is particularly the case if you benefited from a salary increase in 2021, since the withholding at source will have been made at a lower rate than reality, because it was calculated on your remuneration for 2020. The same if you benefited from one advance reduction or tax credit (60% of the amount of these expenses) in January 2022 too high compared to your actually recorded expenses for 2021. In these two cases, you owe money to the tax authorities. And you have to pay… very quickly.

If you are worried, you should know that the first direct debit will take place on September 26. Your account (…)

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