Believing her microphone is off, Roselyne Febvre indulges in some thoughts on La France Insoumise

Roselyne Febvre in France 24. Screenshot.

VIDEO – Several party members have demanded an apology from the French international news channel and the head of the political service.

On Monday night, on France 5’s “C à vous”, Bertrand Chameroy brought to light a sequence that went unnoticed. On September 21, France 24 reported on a press conference given by insubordinate france during which particularly embarrassed party members were questioned about the case Adrien Quatenen and about the controversial tweets of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

But as the images flashed on the screen, Roselyne Febvre, head of the political department of the French continuous international news channel, had probably forgotten that her microphone was still on and indulged in some thoughts. “Do you see the head?”the journalist asked Pierre Jacquemain, a political columnist, before specifying: “Ah bah can’t blame them huh! I can not see them”.

La France Insoumise apologizes

Confessions that were not to the liking of La France Insoumise. On Twitter, Julie Garnier was the first to react to the sequence. “How are you, Roselyne Febvre? Are we bothering you too much? Can we expect an apology or can’t you blame them either?wrote, on Monday night, the regional councilor for Île-de-France and spokesperson for La France Insoumise.

A few hours later, Clementine Autain also split a tweet. “The head of the political service of France 24 cannot “please” us. A microphone error and everything becomes clear”published by the deputy of the 11th constituency of Seine-Saint-Denis.

On the night of Monday to Tuesday, Manuel Bompard, deputy for the 4th constituency of Bouches-du-Rhône, demanded an apology.

Roselyne Febvre explains herself

Contacted by our colleagues from “Chez Pol” in Release Roselyne Febvre, who claims to have spoken with Pierre Jacquemain, regrets that “C to you” “he told the story wrong”. “He and I regularly make fun of each other. He turned to Pierre telling him: “Did you see your face?”, because he was horrified by the press conference. But he did not know that the sound man had left the microphone open as usual. Pierre was outraged that the women were the only ones who jumped into the water to answer questions. And I was shocked by this story of slapping and Mélenchon’s reaction. I tell Pierre, yes, I can’t blame them after this story of slapping his wife, but it was a comment that was supposed to go off the air.

For his part, Pierre Jacquemain deplores a “Bad interpretation” by Bertrand Chameroy. “France 5 subtitles are not fair. She said, “Did you see Peter’s head?” I make a face half amused, half annoyed. Since she sees that I’m not smiling, she replies that he can’t blame them. She echoes the conversation we had earlier about men looking at their shoes and journalists asking women to justify themselves.

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