between indignation and rejection of the boycott, the French political parties were divided

Lusail Stadium (here on September 9, 2022) will host the FIFA World Cup Final, in Qatar, on December 18, 2022.

Impossible not to comment on a sporting event of such political importance. Less than two months after the start of the highly controversial soccer world cup, which will be held in Qatar from November 20 to December 18, is increasing criticism from personalities in France regarding its organization in the emirate, including in the political arena. Summary of party positions.

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The left is outraged at an “intolerable spectacle”

Each of the leftist organizations that make up the Ecological and Social Union of the New People (Nupes) is clearly opposed to holding the sports competition in Qatar, for ecological, social and human rights reasons. Thus, in more or less nuanced forms, socialists, environmentalists, communists and “rebels” all call for a boycott.

Europa Ecologie-Les Verts has taken a position on the issue for many yearswhile the attribution of the organization of the event to Qatar dates back to 2010. During the 2021 regional elections, the party leader, Julien Bayou, then a candidate for the Ile-de-France region, had thus reiterated the position of environmentalists . in favor of a boycott of the event.

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La France Insoumise has also tackled the issue head-on. In a release published on Thursday, September 22, the party’s deputies express their “outrage at the intolerable spectacle of this World Cup” and criticize the “mistreatment of immigrant workers” the stages “outdoor air conditioning”to them “Human rights not respected in the country and [les] LGBTQ+ rights violated ». ” It is out of the question for there to be a government representative.” in the place, commented the deputy Alexis CorbièreFriday.

During a debate organized in August in the National Assemblythe first secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, denounced: Under each lawn there is a cemetery, that of these forced workers, that of the universalism of flouted rights. » He had justified the socialists’ support for the boycott by stating that Qatar I was “world champion in CO2 emissionstwo Per inhabitant ” cast suspicion [pesaient] on the financing of terrorism for Qatar.

I am on the call [au boycott de l’ancien footballeur] Eric Canton » argued for his part the national secretary of the Communist Party, Fabien Roussel, on September 14 on Franceinfo. “Because Qatar is a country that still criminalizes homosexuality”, “Because Qatar, for this World Cup, has organized construction works under which there will be thousands of deaths”, plot. The deputy from the north, however, advocated that France find ways to make “pass messages” on the environment and human rights during the course of the competition, as it will take place no matter what.

Too late to boycott it according to the RN

In the issue, the National Rally (RN) is on a ridge line. Contesting the holding of the competition in Qatar, he claims at the same time that it is too late to boycott it. “ There are certain countries in which we are very observant. [sur la question de droits humains] and then there are others in which we are much less”This is how he criticized Marine Le Pen over France InterTuesday. “Now this decision has been made and I believe that sports must be separated from politics. (…)It would not be, in my opinion, positive to refuse to go there”, she added.

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Position supported by the interim president of the RN, Jordan Bardella, this Friday morning on BFMTV : “Now here we go. (…) The truth is that this World Cup should never have been in Qatar; (…) obviously we shouldn’t have gone but then again, that’s what we call facing the fait accompli. »

In Les Républicains, the answer to the boycott question boils down to one ” Nope “said the president of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, on September 7 over France Inter. ” Nope [au boycott], but I think we will also have to think about having a World Cup that is up to the challenges. arising “To the whole world” on the climate issue, he argued.

For the government, the boycott is not on the agenda

To respond to criticism, the government prefers to emphasize the fact that the organization of the World Cup in this country on the Arabian Peninsula “it was decided ten years ago”that is, during Nicolas Sarkozy’s five-year term. “It’s complicated, a few weeks before the start [de la compétition], suddenly say, “You really shouldn’t do it.”argued on Friday the spokesman for the Executive, Olivier Véran. in RTL.

The Minister for the Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, made a similar argument to the “Grand Jury-RTL-The Figaro-LCI »11 of September : “You have teams that have been preparing for years. This decision was made in another climatic context. It is not a decision that corresponds to the French State (…) and I don’t think the fact [la] boycott unfortunately changes the greenhouse gas emissions of this event. »

If I were the head of state, I wouldn’t go.” For his part, the former President of the Republic François Hollande stated, on the occasion of the Demain le sport festival, on Thursday. But “I can’t ask the footballers (…) not go to a competition for which they have been preparing for years., nor so that the spectators do not see it, he clarified. A position that sums up the French political dilemma on the subject.

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