Billy Crawford opens up about suicidal thoughts: ‘I’ve been through hell before’

On Friday, September 23, 2022, Billy Crawford, a candidate for season 12 of Dancing with the Stars on TF1, choreographed L’Enfer de Stromae with his partner Fauve Hautot. During this performance, he said that he suffered from severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

In France, Billy Crawford is one of the most popular singing stars of the 2000s. 20 years after his success Trackin, the Filipino-American singer, dancer, actor and host returns to France as a candidate for the show. dance with the stars in TF1. In an interview with TVMagazine On Friday, September 23, 2022, he said that he almost hosts the show himself in the Philippines, where he has a career as a TV host: “To be honest, I was supposed to be the host, but it was canceled due to budget issues. But, Now that I’m participating in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ as a candidate, I think running would have been more relaxed for me!” Friday, September 23, 2022, Billy Crawford, accompanied by his partner Fauve Hautot, provided impeccable service. In fact, he was awarded an impressive 36 points per the prestigious jury of the show The duo performed a choreography in L’Enfer de Stromae… which seems to have particularly resonated with the singer.

This L’Enfer title dance was very special for Billy Crawford. As a catharsis, the artist has chosen to dance this song that evokes depression and suicidal thoughts. In fact, Billy Crawford confided to the camera that he himself suffered from this disease. “He talks to me, because I’ve already been through hell,” he explains, confident that he had “farted on the cable” after his success in the early 2000s. “I no longer wanted (…) Click here to see more

VIDEO – Dancing with the stars: Fauve Hautot favored by production? Billy Crawford breaks the silence

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