Boerenbond under fire from critics in Flanders: would have encouraged farmers to expand, despite nitrogen problems

In Mrs. Demir’s eyes, the Boerenbond wears a “overwhelming responsibility“in the current situation”.And instead of taking responsibility, they ask to adapt the nitrogen policy. Just because it suits their business model: more money for the Boerenbond holding company. And this while our peasants fight for a decent price“, she said. According to her, the organization must contribute to a fund for the benefit of farmers for the profits it has made in the last two years. The minister cited the figure of 800 million euros.

The Flemish government in the line of sight

In opposition, Groen also called for the Boerenbond to be used to repair the damage done to nature and support farmers. But he also criticizes the actions of the last Flemish governments, of which the N-VA and CD & V were part, and which favored the growth and industrialization of farms.

The Boerenbond is working”at the service of its membersMr. Brouns commented.If we have today in Flanders one of the most qualitative agriculture and horticulture in Europe, it is partly to its credit. They advise their farmers, but it is the entrepreneur who makes their decisions. And if, in the past, this choice has not always been the right one, it must be possible to do the opposite in the future.“.

Minister CD&V recalled the economic dimension of the agricultural sector. “Too low a price and too low a valuation is often the problem, and the answer is often to scale up. But for some industries, that’s not always the right answer. Therefore, we must examine whether other models are possible: more diversification, other exits, greater risk dispersion, less price dependence, etc.

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