Bruno Le Maire announces a series of measures to support the construction industry

In particular, companies will be able to revise prices in current public markets, in the event of an explosion in material or energy prices.

The scarcity of materials, and the very high costs it generates, seems to have convinced Bercy of the urgency of helping the construction sector. The Government had called meetings to respond to the concerns of professionals in the sector. Measures were taken on Thursday to handle the emergency. In fact, eight of the thirteen announced measures refer to this specific problem.

In the first place, a system to strengthen the treasury of companies, raising the minimum thresholds for advance payments in all public contracts, improving the staggering of the return of these advance payments or publishing a guide to good practices in terms of penalties for late payment, so don’t blame them for the current shortage.

Next, Bercy wants to improve the predictability of prices in the public and private markets. A circular will soon specify how prices in current public markets can be revised to take into account additional costs related to material shortages. In addition, the business mediator will be given a mission to improve the predictability of commodity prices.

The last set of measures to manage the crisis concerns the simplification of public procurement. They refer, in particular, to the perpetuation at 100,000 euros of the threshold that allows contracting by mutual agreement, without the need to resort to tenders. Bercy is also committed to targeting and better coordination of controls on construction sites to combat illegal work.

The last five measures relate to the ecological transition. The goal is to accelerate this by launching a query to establish a “carbon score” for materials and by strengthening the overall renewal offer. Then, simplifying the implementation of certain ecological obligations that weigh on companies. This mainly refers to the “Extended Producer Responsibility” (EPR), which will be implemented next year.

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