buzzes, squabbles, breakups… back in her turbulent love affair with American influencer Hunter Rowland

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Léa Elui: rumours, breakups and feuds… a look back at her turbulent romance with US influencer Hunter Rowland (Photo by Dominique Charriau/WireImage)

This Friday, September 23, 2022, Léa Elui is back in the “Dance with the Stars” contest. The most followed French influencer on social media has created her notoriety on the other side of the Atlantic through her love affair with a certain Hunter Rowland. But between these two, everything went wrong quickly…

With more than 11 million followers on Instagram, read elui He is one of the influencers that matter in the 2.0 universe. Some years ago, the young woman made her way thanks to her dance videos which quickly went viral on social media. And Léa was able to transform the test just as quickly. The notoriety of the young woman, then still a high school student, crossed the borders of France. On the Internet, everything moves very fast. And now, before long, the young Léa Elui found herself under fire from the American spotlight, in particular for her turbulent romance with another influencer…

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The beginning of a very often idyll

We are then in 2018. At that time, Léa Elui met Hunter Rowland during a trip to California. They are young, beautiful and above all very popular on social networks.. If the French is in its infancy and is already reaping success, the American influencer is not far behind. Born in Florida, he grew up in Arizona and made a name for himself on the social network YouNow in March of 2015 after posting a video of him and his brother in Las Vegas with the hashtag #DontJudgeMeChallenge. The magic worked and that is how Hunter Rowland’s notoriety led him to meet Léa Elui.

From 2018 to June 2019, the young lovebirds live a long-distance relationship, marked by the coming and going of the young woman between France and the United States. And of course, each of their moments together is filmed and shared on social networks, where their respective millions of fans rave about the images of the accomplice couple. Léa Elui and Hunter Rowland are causing a stir. Especially since through this love story, the young French woman shows how much she masters English, which only increases her notoriety. Except the fairy tale will quickly turn sour…

Rupture and confrontations in social networks

In June 2019, Hunter Rowland let it be known, via tweet of course, that he is now single. The fans are worried and do not understand how the lovers could, overnight, leave each other. And the first to not understand is Léa Elui. Indeed, the young woman found out about the news… on social networks! Hunter Rowland saw fit to warn fans about him even before announcing the breakup. Incidentally, the story takes on the air of a soap opera 2.0.

One day, while Hunter Rowland is live with his fans on his Instagram account, Léa Elui decides to show up unexpectedly. First in the comments, with murderous messages towards the one she does not recognize, and whom she criticizes for showing a wide smile in the middle of a breakup. Then on video. There, in front of thousands of Internet users, Léa Elui breaks down in tears, in front of a silent and probably very embarrassed Hunter Rowland. Buzz shot or not, the footage is then broadcast on social media.

The story could have ended there. Except that a few months later, in August 2019, many fans photographed Léa Elui and Hunter Rowland, very complicit on the streets of California. But the ecstasy is short-lived. Eventually, the two influencers ended up going their separate ways. And as in any history of influencers, the break was formalized by deleting their couple photos on their respective social networks, added to an unfollow in good and due form. Love and disenchantment in the Internet age.

Today, Léa Elui has found love again in the arms of a certain Scott Morton, a model of French origin who has worked for many prestigious brands.

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