Carlos III: A member of his family, “very evil”, led a campaign against Camila!

Seeing them together, soldierly and serious around their mother’s coffin, in Edinburgh or London, no one could have suspected that The four children of Queen Elizabeth II do not get along, actually, so much so that they let it show up! However, disputes between them are not lacking, and in particular between two of the four children, Charles and Andrew of York.

Reputed to be his mother’s darling, he, who is still 12 years younger than the new king, would have abused this position by doing everything possible so that his brotherlong seen as a selfish man and responsible for his divorce from Lady Diana, don’t become king after his mother. It must be said that the two are very different: a career soldier, Andrés is very far from his brother, more sensitive, who has rather focused his entire life on social causes.

The younger brother even directed, according to author Angela Lang (whose new biography Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: from outcast to queen consort just published) a real anti-Camilla campaign to other members of the family, showing “quite poisonous and very unpleasant“towards the one who has now become queen consort. A lost battle, since after several years of negotiations with her parents, his brother married Camilla Parker-Bowles in 2005in second marriages, and that this one is quite appreciated from now on.

A rather resentful king

acts that however, King Charles would not have forgiven him at all : when the Epstein affair began to worry his brother, the future king in fact immediately ballasted with all their weight so that it is removed from the older members of the royal family, when he was one of its active members.

Long delayed by Queen Elizabeth II, often ready to cover it up, the sanction finally fell when the evidence became too overwhelming and Prince Andrew he even had to give up his military insignia. Opposed to any ceremony in his presence, Prince William had also taken sides against his uncle, sometimes telling his grandmother that he should do a choice between him and his son. A rather tense situation, but that does not prevent Kate Middleton’s husband from getting along with his cousins ​​Beatrice and Eugenie of York, but very close to his father.

However, for the last week, the cold war that has been going on between Charles and Andrew for so many years has been put on hold. In fact, the king invited his brother to all the ceremonies that took place in honor of his mother, even allowing her to put on his military uniform for a short vigil!

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