Carrefour withdraws raclette cheese sold throughout France

While the season squeegee will start soon, the sliced ​​cheeses have been withdrawn for Crossing. The 400-gram trays were marketed in France from August 23 to September 20, warns consumer reminder Thursday.

The first batch in question bears the number 1152223102 and the consumption date is set for October 19. The second is the number 1152223102 which should be consumed preferably before November 8. It is only about products that bear the FR 22 061 015 CE seal, details the government site.

Destroy them or get a refund

The cheeses are withdrawn due to suspicion of bacteriological contamination: the listeria. They should not be eaten. If the customer has already eaten it and has a fever, headaches and body aches, they are invited to consult their doctor. Surveillance also for pregnant women, immunocompromised and elderly. “Listeriosis is a disease that can be serious and has an incubation period of up to eight weeks. »

The consumer is invited to destroy the tray or return it to the store. You can then request a refund before October 4. For more information, you can also dial this phone number: 0 805 500 120.

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