Chinese J-20 stealth doesn’t (yet) scare the US

Two J-20s that make a J-40?  |  emperornia via Wikimedia Commons

Two J-20s that make a J-40? | emperornia via Wikimedia Commons

The Chinese Chengdu J-20 has been talked about for a few years now, ten to be precise. A response to the American F-22 or F-35, which officially entered service in 2017, the twin-engine is a seemingly very capable fifth-generation stealth fighter and the best witness to recent advances in the industry. Middle Kingdom.

As tensions in the Pacific rise month after month, does the “Mighty Dragon” break a cold sweat for America’s great rival? According to Generals Charles Q. Brown, Chief of Staff of the US Air Force, and Kenneth Wilsbach, Chief of US Aviation in the Pacific, no.

“There’s really nothing to lose sleep over,” Wilsbach told various outlets, including The War Zone, during a specialist conference in mid-September. “Of course we watch them closely and see how they use them and how much they are worth,” he added.

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Knowingly: A few months ago, the United States announced that F-35s had experienced close contact with Chinese J-20s in the East China Sea. Wilsbach said at the time that this proximity had allowed the Air Force to learn a thing or two about Beijing’s new fighter and to be “relatively impressed” with what had been analyzed.

fortified dragon

However, the understanding of the “Mighty Dragon” remains limited: Kenneth Wilsbach explained that his services were still trying to understand what the exact missions were delegated to the J-20, those of a pure fighter like the F-22 or those, more varied, of a versatile F-35.

One thing, on the other hand, was affirmed by the American officer: he had been…

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