Cindy Van Der Auwera (Large Families) on a diet, reveals the result

This Wednesday, September 22 on Instagram, Cindy Van Der Auwera (Large families: life in XXL) revealed a before and after of her weight loss, evoking the goal she had set for herself to achieve the silhouette of her dreams.

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This Wednesday, September 22, Cindy Van Der Auwera posted on her Instagram account a photo of her leaving the bathroom, with her hair still wet and a towel wrapped around her body. The opportunity for those who made themselves known by participating, with his tribe, at the show Large families: life in XXL, reveal a before-after of your silhouette compared to an old snapshot taken at the company from her husband “Goal: Weight Loss”he first announced in the caption of his post.

An appearance that has evolved throughout her pregnancies.

“This is the kind of photo I would never have dared to post before. Today I crossed the threshold…”, he added, explaining to his fans that, “for a moment, [elle a] started treatment [d’elle-même]”, taking care of your body and his silhouette. “Weight gain is not always easy to bear, with my multiple pregnancies and caesarean sections, I’ve never been well ‘done'”, said Cindy Van Der Auwera, before confiding her opinion on the way in which, according to her, the feminine appearance is represented in modern society: “In magazines we are shown beautiful and slender women, and this fashion phenomenon hurts many of us, because we cannot identify ourselves through this emphasis on women.”

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A long way to go to achieve your goals

Speaking about the impact that not being skinny has had on some women, Cindy Van Der Auwera revealed that, “especially the teasing, the looks, weigh on the day to day.” As if to boost the morale of your subscribers, the mother of the family he continued, before returning to his personal case: “For me, every woman is beautiful from the moment she assumes herself and when she is really herself… I know very well that I still have weight to lose and that is a goal for me… But when I see how far I have come, I am proud of my self.” Taking as an example his before-after, which above all reveals the refinement of his face, he developed: “Look at the second photo. Inside I am and will always be the same because, after all, isn’t inner beauty the most beautiful?”

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“Today I cross the course”: Cindy Van Der Auwera (Large Families) on a diet, reveals the result

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