Citroën changes its logo and makes Polestar happy

By adopting a radically different logo, Citroën is killing two birds with one stone: the conflicts between it and Polestar are over! Welcome to the era of Citroëns designed as “accessible, responsible and sustainable mobility solutions”.

Citroën had opposed the marketing of Polestar electric cars for more than three years, on the grounds that its logo was too similar to its own. And then, suddenly, on September 1, the conflict was magically resolved and all resentment was gone. “The complaints have been withdrawn. The case is closed”, the manufacturer simply explained to the double chevron. Without saying more, without specifying whether the new agreement was the result of a compromise or a pure resignation by Citroën.

The end of the story is revealed this morning of September 27, the date of the official presentation of the new Citroën logo. A reinterpretation of the double chevron so different from the current one, that any risk of confusion with the unstructured polar star that characterizes Polestar cars is ruled out de facto.

The name of the Sino-Swedish manufacturer is never mentioned in Citroën’s press release, which is content to mention modernization needs, necessitated by the requirements of “new digital media”. The choir is already known. It is about flattening the drawing and eliminating volume effects, to facilitate its reproduction on all types of media, both digital and physical.

Evolution of the Citroën logo from 1919 to 2022 Credit: Image © Citroën

Evolution of the Citroën logo from 1919 to 2022 Credit: Image © Citroën

What Citroën describes as a “prominent vertical oval” is a return to basics, as it furiously evokes the first emblem of the brand founded in 1919. For the manufacturer, it is “a reinterpretation of the original logo, once adopted by founder André Citroën and inspired by the success of his first metallurgical company that produced herringbone gear systems.”

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Paradoxically, this retro fragrance should help Citroën illustrate its “desire to accelerate its mission towards affordable electric mobility and spread the values ​​of accessibility, audacity and customer well-being that are at the heart of its genes.” Alexandre Revert, Global Brand Designer, says: “When[…]


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