Clémence Castel releases Candice Pascal at rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars 2022

On the eve of the third cousin of dance with the stars, Clémence Castel is rehearsing with Candice Pascal. And the dancer has obviously found the solution to help her partner to progress…

Clemence Castle you’re going to have to split the armor. If the candidate for season 12 of dance with the stars knows the physical effort that the TF1 competition requires, the first heroine of Koh Lanta he begins to understand that he will have to come out of his shell. Within a video of his essays for the next premium broadcast this Friday on TF1, this is how we discover Clémence Castel being taken by her dancer Candice Pascual for some”small non-harmonious movements“and his lack of openness.”Who are you doing it for… for the public? Oh yeah ? Because it doesn’t convince me, you have to see it and have fun with it.she exclaims amused.

when you’re joking…”

And obviously, the future performance of the two dancers promises to be sexier than ever according to repetitions. Movements that, in the end, amuse Clémence Castel, who gradually ends up letting go… even hitting her buttocks! “Ah but I left, I no longer have limitslaughs. Surprised, Candice Pascal seems to have almost come to an end: “When you’re playing, you’re making exactly the right moves. what you do“. An observation approved by the candidate: “I arrive when I want to amuse the gallery but less when I want to be serious“. And Candice Pascal to find THE miracle solution: “Please can you entertain the gallery all the time?

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dance with the stars 2022: aa beautiful complicity between Clémence Castel and Candice Pascal

Obviously, complicity and understanding seem to exist between mate of mary and Candice Pascual. Before the start of the season, the candidate trusted this first in the history of the program. “Since dance is a field that I don’t know, I had to be comfortable. And I am evolving with a woman because there is a relationship with the body, an emotion, and then also a bit of seduction… Then it would be more believable. Being my relatives in agreement with that, I wanted to decipher the codes. Without being a flag bearer, he brings a message that makes sense. For me it is natural, it is an exhibition. This is the logical sequence of things. In the eyes of millions of viewers and my children, I want to show them that they should not be afraid to show themselves as they are. Two women dancing together is very beautiful.. You do not have to be afraid“.

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