Controversy in Canada over transgender teacher sporting extravagant breasts

The technology teacher at Trafalgar High School in Oakville is said to have started a gender transition journey a year ago. Bremps/Wikimedia Commons

Students at an Ontario high school were moved by their technology teacher teaching with giant breast prostheses. While the establishment defends the teacher and condemns a controversy “transphobic”Parents of students demonstrate to demand their dismissal.

A few hundred parents, students and residents of Oakville, Canada, protested outside Trafalgar Secondary School on Friday to demand that the institution fire a controversial transgender teacher. “Inclusion is no excuse for depravity», «Why defend a teacher who degrades the image of women?» could we read in particular in the signs, filmed by Canadian media True North. The week before, high school students had shared images on social media of a technology teacher decked out in lush breast prostheses, following a summer gender transition. The teacher, who until now had been called by a male first name, made it known at the beginning of the school year that she now identified as a woman. But that is not what outraged the students: they mostly felt that their teacher’s physical appearance was indecent, so much so that some of them even refused to participate in the lesson. as the conservative tabloid reports New York Post .

Since then, the professor’s images have gone around the Internet and the controversy over his presence in class has gone far beyond the borders of this city of almost 200,000 inhabitants, located in the Toronto region. The excitement of the students was particularly echoed on Fox News., where host Tucker Carlson spoke in favor of firing the teacher. But the American channel gave the professor a bad name, mistaking him for another employee of the Halton District School Board, the rector’s office to which Oakville Trafalgar High School is attached. The latter then published a terse press release to rectify the information.without revealing the name of the teacher involved in the photos and videos that have gone viral.

Interviewed by the newspaper toronto sun the president of the rectory then firmly defended the teacher involved and judged that it was a controversy “transphobic”. HASaffirming that the educational institutionstands behindShe also noted that the teacher, according to her, was “fully acceptedwithin the student community. “Protecting the rights of transgender people is our prioritySaid Margo Shuttleworth, adding that the teacher in question is appreciated for his pedagogical qualities and has never been the subject of complaints so far.

He adds, however, that Trafalgar High School has since received many calls from parents exasperated by the presence of a teacher.”depravedamong the teaching staff, and confirms that measures have been taken to guarantee their safety, particularly in anticipation of demonstrations in front of the school gates. However, he did not comment on the reactions of those among the students who entrusted him with their “weaknessin view of the teacher, nor about the security problems that such a large trunk can generate when manipulating the machines in the technology room where the teacher is teaching.

At the moment, the matter continues to inflame the spirits in Canada, where the issue of gender minority rights is taken very seriously. Like every year, Trafalgar High School actively participated in Pride Month last June and actively campaigned, through events to which students were invited, for greater recognition of the rights of transgender people. .

For his part, an editorialist from the toronto sunAnthony Fury, commented on the case : “This story did not go viral because the teacher identifies as trans; went viral because everyone thinks her appearance is inappropriate in a classroom, but no one dares to say so“.

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