Covid – 8th wave: after how many days does this or that symptom appear? Discover the complete chronology of the evolution of the disease

Fever after 3 days, followed by cough, sleep disturbances, and fatigue 2 days later…

the COVID-19 will be allowed a eighth wave ? As winter approaches, the new variants pose the threat of a rebound inepidemic. So much so that all countries are arming themselves with new versions of vaccinesupdated to combat these Omicron variants.

More than two and a half years after the start of the health crisis, the Covid continues to reveal itself. With aspects of the disease that are brought to light by scientists. the long covid being the most restrictive sequel to the pollution.

This Friday, September 23, American academics publish a study on the Nature websitein which they managed to model the symptoms of COVID-19. As well as its temporality. So much so that they established a time of appearance of different symptoms After the analysis of more than 5,000 cases (5,562 exactly) that survived what is now called the long covid. For the purposes of the study, the cases were divided into two groups. And the second only confirmed the schedule for the onset of symptoms established with the first sample. Here are the details.

Timeline of appearance of covid symptoms

3 days (on average) after contamination: Fever or chills.

5 days : Cough, sleep disturbances, fatigue.

6 days : Headaches, body aches.

7 days : Loss of sense of smell, inability to exercise or be active.

8 days : Change in taste, difficulty breathing.

9 days: chills without fever

11 days: chest pains

13 days: bone pain in extremities

14 days : difficulty concentrating, exhaustion.

16 days: confusion.

17 days: joint pain.

18 days: dizziness.

21 days: palpitations, cardiac arrhythmia.

22 days: memory problems, tachycardia.

26 days: blurry vision.

The full schedule.

The full schedule.
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