Criminals use false positive Covid tests to avoid appearing in court

This is a new fraud linked to Covid-19 that directly affects the police and gendarmerie services, as well as the justice system. According to the parisian, who had access to a “flash” note from Sirasco (Criminal Information Service of the National Police), there is currently an upsurge in fraud in terms of summons to justice. yes until then false evidence positives had been detected to avoid exams or important appointments, the processes were more or less crude and detectable, according to our colleagues. There, the Sirasco warns of false tests that are “fakes of better quality”.

Documents put up for sale mainly on social media “for a few tens of euros,” says Sirasco boss William Hippert, citing a 50-euro copy on Snapchat. They are used by petty criminals to evade their judicial controls when they are placed in semi-liberty or under electronic bracelets. If the cases are still quite rare, researchers are looking more and more at the issue because it can affect serious criminals. This is the case of a man in Ille-et-Vilaine, accused of acts of murder or attempted murder in an organized gang (under electronic bracelet).

The man tested positive for COVID-19, but a detailed examination of the document revealed that it was a forgery. It contained stolen medical data, and the individual was convicted of forgery and use of forgery. A (…)

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