Dance with the stars: After Christophe Licata, another dancer “frustrated” by the jury breaks the silence

dancing with the stars 2022 (TF1) returned for the third bonus of season 12, on Friday, September 23. And for the first time, all the couples still in competition met on the court for the Duels. Although she was not eliminated, Amandine Petit was in danger during the evening. And her partner Anthony Colette made no secret of her frustration.

It was Carla Lazzari and Pierre Mauduy who faced each other in the Miss France 2021 duels and their partner. The duo performed a samba in the title. Liar by Camila Cabello. Divine in leather, Amandine Petit gave her best to seduce the jury members Chris Marques (back after being absent last week for health reasons), François Alu, Bilal Hassani and Marie-Agnès Gillot. But that wasn’t enough as she came face to face before the jurors pulled her out of it. During her first performance she was criticized for her attacks on the ground, her lack of sensuality, her lack of combativeness, her too tense body or her chin position (yes yes) . Difficult comments to hear for Anthony Colette.

The professional dancer, whom we find in the skin of Adriano in tomorrow belongs to usgave an interview to entertainment tv to express their misunderstanding. “Last Friday, I was frustrated. The notes and the comments of the jurors seemed a bit harsh to me. You must know that Amandine leaves from far away. On the other hand, of all my colleagues since my arrival on the program, she is the one I love the most, the one who trains the most. she doesn’t let go. I have never gotten my hands on a beginner who delivers so much! I found that the work had not been encouraged, nor noticed. The result did not stop there. I was a little disappointed“, he confessed. There is no doubt that, despite everything, Amandine Petit and he will give 100% again so as not to be eliminated from the competition next week.

If Anthony Colette preferred to evoke his disappointment during an interview, Christophe Licata had not hesitated to settle scores live with a member of the jury. “I feel like there is, I don’t know if I’m wrong, a bit of a lack of work, rehearsals and rehearsals“, Marie-Agnès Gilot had estimated after Léa Elui’s performance in a rumba.That is wrong! There, I have to defend her. She really doesn’t stop, she sends me videos from her house, at night, during the day… So I won’t let you say that!“, then his partner had answered. Environment…

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