Dance with the stars: Léa Elui judged harshly, Christophe Licata gets involved and reformulates a jury

The competition continued this Friday, September 23 at dance with the stars. It was the third bonus of this 12th season, in which ten couples were still standing after the eliminations of David Douillet and Katrina Patchett and Théo Fernandez and Alizée Bois. This week, it is finally Clémence Castel and Candice Pascal who have not made the weight against the other candidates. It must be said that there was a high level on the court, in particular with the services of Billy Crawford, Stéphane Legar or Carla Lazzari. The season has just started, but the juries are already very demanding. And this is the young read elui who paid for it.

with your partner christopher licata, the 21-year-old TikTokeuse presented a rumba that was intended to be sensual. But, despite all her efforts, it was not enough for Marie-Agnès Gillot, the new jury of the show and star of the Paris Opera ballet. “Even if you were very tense Lea, I would like to have very tense legs. That is, I find that the leg is not stretched enough, the kneecap is not raised… I feel like there is, I don’t know if I’m wrong, a bit of a lack of work, rehearsals and rehearsals“, estimated.

A comment that quickly annoyed Christophe Licata. He then took the microphone to stake out Marie-Agnès Gillot. “That is wrong! There, I have to defend her. She really doesn’t stop, she sends me videos from her house, at night, during the day… So I can’t let you say that!“, he corrected her firmly. And for the classical dancer to reply: “That’s why I’m asking! I think there is not enough progress.“It was Léa Elui herself who had the last word, not without emotion.”I am really very hard on myself and in any case I did my best.“, he said simply.

On Twitter, netizen reactions were mixed. Some have sided with young Léa: “I really found very inappropriate what Marie Agnès said about Lea Elui, who did not work much“, “Christophe is so right to defend his dancer, he does it every season.“. And others understood the criticism of the jury: “Fthe judge is right, we have to stop being groupies. (…) She is not on the beat. It’s not bad but good to say that she danced well...”, “If I understand correctly, Léa Elui only knows how to dance on TikTok.

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