Dassault to deliver 42 planes to France

The delivery of Rafale to the French army will resume in 2023. The 2023 finance law revealed a budget of €43.9 billion planned for Defense, of which €25.6 billion will be dedicated to equipment. The Ministry of the Armed Forces has announced that it will order 42 new Rafale aircraft, reports AFP. This new acquisition had long been promised to the manufacturer Dassault, to whom the army had expressed a desire to acquire 30 new aircraft and replace 12. The number by Raphael it had not increased since 2016. This new acquisition represents only the beginning as by 2030, France wishes to have 225 Rafales in its fleet. Currently, the army has 195 fighter, including 96 Rafale and 99 Mirage. General and Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Stéphane Mille, explains: “When I joined the Air Force, thirty-six years ago, we had 750 combat aircraft, but they were ‘single mission’. He then adds: ” A Rafale, on the other hand, makes it possible to fulfill the missions of several planes (..): a floor of 185 planes is probably too low; 225 planes would be needed for us to be able to accomplish our missions with ease.”

If France wants to acquire new devices, it is also because it will sell no less than 24 during the year 2023. 12 Rafale will be sold to Greece and the same to Croatia. However, these sales (…)

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