Defeated by Serbia, France risks facing the United States or China in the World Cup quarterfinals

Defeated by the Serbs (62-68), the French will have to count on an Australian defeat in the last game of their group to avoid the United States and China in the quarterfinals.

Avoiding the United States: such was Les Bleues’ mission against Serbia in this final group match between two teams already through to the quarter-finals. Unfortunately, the French fell against the Serbs (62-68) and they are in a delicate situation. Not totally desperate, but their fate now belongs to Japan: they must beat Australia to allow the Blues to avoid a quarter against the United States or China.

A rollercoaster sheet music

Serbia had chosen to leave out some executives from the starting five (Anderson, Cado, Jovanovic). But the entrance of Yvonne Anderson put a blow to the tricolor heads. Impressive speed, the Serbian leader scored 9 of her 18 points in her first four minutes of play to offer a first real gap (10-24, 9th).

Finally more skillful in the three points and more aggressive in defense, the Blues picked up and put the turbo to take the lead after an incredible 22-2 close to the Serbs (32-26, 16th). But still penalized by their recurrent rebounding difficulties (44 of them offensive 16 for Serbia), the Habs fell back at halftime after a good step by Jovana Nogic (32-39, 21st).

seven minutes unmarked

Led by Alexia Chartereau (14 points), France continued to come from behind (46-46, 27th), predicting a final full of suspense. But despite the many turnovers against the ball (21), the Blues were going to pay dearly for their offensive inefficiency with, specifically, six minutes without scoring between 27 and 33, which allowed the Serbs to take off again (57 -46). , 33).

In a game ending on a thread, the Blues came back to within two points of their rival (62-64) with 48 seconds remaining. Moment chosen by Sasa Cado, then at 0/6 at 3 pts, to plant a killer shot from nine meters and definitively close the debates.

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