Deschamps steals a player who missed his chance and claims the Ballon d’Or for Benzema

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Yesterday afternoon, the France team lost to Denmark (0-2) providing a generally very disappointing score. With less than two months to go on Didier Deschamps’ roster, some players forfeited big points for a chance to be on the Qatar roster. Eduardo Camavinga is on the front line.

While the Team of the day confirms that fields and his squad have basic doubts about the Real Madrid midfielder, Camavinga failed last night and the words of Deschamps, who did not want to overwhelm his player for all that, sound like an implacable verdict… “Cama was not in a very good mood”. , that can also happen, he hasn’t been with us for a long time and he’s going to start the game… He wasn’t the only one either. He will serve you for the future as he will serve others.”

Deschamps wants the coronation of Benzema

Instead, Didier Deschamps was more enthusiastic about a certain Karim Benzema, absent from the September rally and who could find the Blues in November with a Ballon d’Or in the window. “I hope it is him because he deserves it, for what he has done this season with his club, where he has won important titles, and with us too, where he was there at the start of the fall to win the Nations League. . He has been one of the best strikers in the world for years. I think he is very well positioned and I would be very happy if he had this award there. He already got one with the Champions League… Obviously he is an additional asset for us in the World Cup,” said the Blues coach.

To sum up

Didier Deschamps, the France national team coach, saw his players put on a worrying performance against Denmark. Which could be expensive for some, especially for Eduardo Camavinga, the Real Madrid midfielder.

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