Despite rumours, Don’t Worry Darling dominates the US box office

Olivia Wilde’s rumored dystopian thriller has grossed $19.2 million, according to preliminary Exhibitor Relations figures released on Sunday.

So there was nothing to worry about. do not worry honey the movieOlivia Wilde He was the victim of rumors of tensions within the team. Its premiere was not really applauded by critics. However, the thriller got off to a good start in North American theaters, coming in at number one this weekend.

Even before its premiere, it had given a lot to talk about, giving rise to many speculations about tensions, rivalries and incidents between the protagonists. The film didn’t really appeal to critics either, posting a score of just 38% on the site. rotten tomatoesthat compiles the opinions of specialized journalists.

To put an end to rumors of tensions on the set, forty members of the film crew signed a petition. “As a team, we have avoided addressing the absurd rumors surrounding the film we are so proud of, but feel the need to correct anonymous sources cited in a recent article. All allegations related to unprofessional behavior on the set of do not worry honey they are completely wrong”the statement said.

“Olivia is an incredible leader and director who was present and involved in every aspect of the production. She led this ensemble with class and respect for everyone involved. There has never been a fight between our director and anyone, least of all a member of our team.we can read in the document.

A kind of Truman Show

Within do not worry honeykind of Truman Show distressing in 1950s America, Florence Pugh (black widow) plays Alice, a well-to-do young woman in all respects who lives in Victory, a small model town built in the middle of the desert by a mysterious businessman, played by chris pine.

Like all her neighbors, Alice has a regulated life as a musical role and, a priori, everything to be happy with Jack played by Harry Styles, her companion, who leaves every morning for a job that she knows nothing about. In exchange for this material well-being, Victoria has only one rule: its inhabitants must never leave the city limits. A taboo that Alice will soon break…

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