Don’t want to get sick this fall? We remind you of the 6 good reflections to apply now

Two and a half years after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, most health measures -such as the mandatory use of a mask indoors – They have been abandoned in France. While some saw it as a liberation, others considered the potential of these measures to protect against other infections such as the flu or gastroenteritis, common winter epidemics.

In a report published in April 2021 and covering the period from November 2019 to April 2020, that is, at the time of the first confinement, Santé Publique France had indeed noted a “historical fall” never observed gastro in the last ten years. A drop explained thanks to the application of barrier gestures, while normally every year, the gastrointestinal ones become the real nightmare of many parents.

At the heart of the pandemic, Covid had even made the traditional flu epidemic. “The flu would have caused 3,680 deaths of all ages during the 2019-2020 epidemic.indicated a report by Public Health France, a very low figure compared to the usual 10,000 deaths per year.

Bronchiolitis, nasopharyngitis, angina, gastroenteritis… To avoid infections, you already know what you have to do. Every year, from the beginning of September, the viruses return, but now you have the keys to limit transmission as much as possible. Hand washing, isolation in case of flu symptoms, ventilation of its interior… (…)


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